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Storm Breaker

Sons of Olympus – Book 1.5

Three days to plan the perfect wedding, find my missing mother, and impress my snobbish in-laws. Sounds perfectly doable, right?

Join Tempest and Zed on their biggest adventure yet – their wedding.

Expect a snobbish mother-in-law, the wedding planner from hell, and a breathtaking ride to save the world… and get to the altar on time!

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Sons of Olympus

To save Olympus, a fraternity of Greek demigods face their biggest challenge – finding their true love in the mortal world.

Storm Chaser

When a small-town librarian stops the god of the storms in his tracks, sparks will fly…

Smoke Jumper

When a dragon shifter falls for Ember, a small-town firefighter, things are about to heat up…

Heart Breaker

The god of love has sworn off dating. Too bad he’s just met his perfect match…

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Available April 25, 2023

Heart Breaker

Sons of Olympus – Book 3

The god of love has sworn off dating. Too bad he’s just met his perfect match…

Valentine is the guardian angel of love, the last of his kind defending the world from the forces of darkness. That means no distractions, no dating, and certainly no falling in love. But when a mortal re-awakens his heart, she proves to be his greatest strength, and his only weakness.

Elle has always had a disastrous love life. But when her date turns into a vampire, she realizes she’s hit a new low. Saved by a winged warrior, and pursued by an army of bloodsuckers, Elle follows her guardian angel into a world of magic and adventure. But as he sets her heart racing, Elle learns there’s just one problem. He’s forbidden from falling in love…

Thrown into a world of vampires, witchcraft and warring Greek gods, they find themselves in a race against time to stop an ancient evil from destroying their worlds. But as sparks fly on and off the battlefield, they learn the light in their hearts could be the key to defeating the darkness. Or, it could be their greatest weakness…