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Storm Breaker

Sons of Olympus – Book 1.5

Three days to plan the perfect wedding, find my missing mother, and impress my snobbish in-laws. Sounds perfectly doable, right?

Join Tempest and Zed on their biggest adventure yet – their wedding.

Expect a snobbish mother-in-law, the wedding planner from hell, and a breathtaking ride to save the world… and get to the altar on time!

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Sons of Olympus

To save Olympus, a fraternity of Greek demigods face their biggest challenge – finding their true love in the mortal world.

Storm Chaser

When a small-town librarian stops the god of the storms in his tracks, sparks will fly…

Smoke Jumper

When a dragon shifter falls for Ember, a small-town firefighter, things are about to heat up…

Heart Breaker

The god of love has sworn off dating. Too bad he’s just met his perfect match…

Available July 25, 2023

Wave Rider

Sons of Olympus – Book 4


When the daughter of a fisherman reels in the descendant of Poseidon, they learn some tides are too powerful to resist…

Kai is a merman shifter and descendant of Poseidon, Greek god of the oceans. Sworn to guard the tomb of an ancient evil, he spends his life ruling an empty kingdom beneath the waves. But when the daughter of his sworn enemy warms the coldness of his heart, he soon learns what it’s like to be a fish out of water…

Cora has always dreamed of exploring the ocean. Trouble is, the closest her father will let her get to the sea is mending his fishing net. But when she catches the attention of a dark and brooding sea god, she finds herself caught in his tide, with no way back to shore…

When an ancient evil invades the waters, both are forced to set bitter rivalries aside and work together to fight for the future of land and sea. And as the tides rise between them, they must choose whether to return to shore, or allow themselves to be swept away…