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Storm Breaker

Sons of Olympus – Book 1.5

Three days to plan the perfect wedding, find my missing mother, and impress my snobbish in-laws. Sounds perfectly doable, right?

When Zed, the descendant of Zeus, came crashing into Tempest’s small-town library, life was never the same again. Swept into a world where Greek demigods ride through the storms, Tempest joined the Stormchasers on a journey of excitement and magic. But now comes their greatest adventure of all. Planning their wedding…

With just three days to plan the big day, the world’s most irritating wedding planner, and a mother-in-law from hell, Tempest soon learns even demigods aren’t impervious to wedding stress. But when faced with an ancient curse, Tempest has only one option – to find her long-lost mother and prove she belongs in Zed’s world, once and for all.

Together, Tempest and Zed embark to the Lightning Cup – a competition where Stormchasers from around the world meet to prove their mettle on the track. But when they discover a dark and dangerous secret, they find themselves in a race to save the world… and get to the altar on time!

Note – This book is a sequel to STORM CHASER. Although this book can be read as a standalone, the stories should be read in order for the best experience.

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